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Now exporting BiLock, BiLock Exclusive & Galaxy high security locking systems to over 13 countries! Having been a past recipient of two prestigious Australian Design Awards for innovation excellence and the Australian Government's Small Business and Manufacturer of the Year Awards, the Quality Assured, Australian Lock Company, stands in good stead to further its national and international sales of BiLock high security locking systems.

With a modern 3400 square metre factory just 1.5 hours south of Sydney and a network of more than 150 accredited locksmith agents Australia-wide, the Company is reportedly this nation's only fully Australian Owned, exporter of Australian made, high security lock cylinder and keying systems. That system is BiLock which offers a gamut of features including pick resistance, Anti Bump, the unique QCC (Quick Change Core), BiLock New Generation, BiLock Exclusive, 350 cylinder types, over 16 million combinations per profile, legal protection, incomparable key control, over 8000 key head colour combinations and a unique dual-bladed key.

You may be surprised to know that many of Australia's icons use BiLock, from the Crown Entertainment Complex and Federation Square in Melbourne to Sydney's Parliament House and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority to our country's airline, Qantas and our National Gallery, Archives, War Memorial, Museum, Family Law Courts and Supreme Court complex, just to name a few of those icons!

In addition, many banks in Australia and major government departments use BiLock. In fact, the Western Australian Police Services use BiLock exclusively to secure all their stations and facilities throughout the state on an enviable master key system that provides the absolute premium in key control.

The Company has built a global market by ensuring flexibility in both design and application. Our unique commitment to project-specific product requirements and our expanding global network of agents ensure most high security lock requirements world-wide can now be met by Australian Lock Company. Now that the Company offering BiLock Exclusive QCC and colour coded construction keying, sales of Bilock have never been stronger.

For further information on BiLock and our other product groups such as Series Six – In-Line Systems, ALCO 5000 Stainless Steel Mortice Locks, Talon Trailer Locks and we are also the email: sales@australianlock.com.au

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