Company Background

For over 30 years we have been the market leading choice for high security applications and have won many awards for our unique and innovative designs.

Our flagship range of BiLock High Security locks is an Australian success story. BiLock is easily master-keyed and can be found in some of the world’s most critical applications and in every type of industrial and commercial premises both large and small. 

In the early 1980s, Master Locksmith Brian Preddey recognised the need for a lock system which provided resistance to picking, impressioning and key duplication. As a result, Brian developed a U-shaped key operating on up to twelve tumbler pins, which in turn activate two sidebars.

Brian continues to play a vital role in Australian Lock Company's product design and development, with New Generation BiLock, Galaxy.  He has again worked his magic with the ingenious idea of BiLock Exclusive  the latest addition to his stable of product initiatives.

He could not have imagined that his locking system would one day secure facilities stretching the four corners of the world…. From the Stock Exchange in Kuwait City, to the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas…. The Federal Treasury in Canberra and parts of the seven stars - Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.  Brian Preddey Master Locksmith also has credit to inventing our Galaxy product range

The Safecorp Group acquired Australian Lock Company in 1989 and continues to invest heavily in more sophisticated plant and equipment to augment production and design efficiencies of the world standard BiLock product range.


For more information on the individual product ranges, please view our product tabs.

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