Master Keying

Our completely interchangeable core lock system (QCC) enables a lock combination to be changed in seconds, provides second-to-none key controls, offers fast and efficient maintenance and large, virtually unlimited master keying system capabilities!

So-called "Master Key" systems have almost become a generic term. Real Master Key Systems that can incorporate switch locks, perimeter locks, filing cabinet locks, garage door locks and virtually any lock on the market today are much rarer, and BiLock is very rare.

Because it offers virtually infinite combinations with tightly controlled security, it gives both the locksmith and the end user confidence and flexibility. It is the Company's understanding of what a true Master Key System requires that has positioned BiLock at the forefront in todays security market.

Authorised BiLock agents use a computerised master key generation system, which allows them to build seriously complex Master Key Systems without compromising system security.

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