Patent Protection

Australian Lock Company is an innovator in the field of high security locks. It has achieved patent protection over the inventive advances that it made in the development of its original BiLock cylinder designs.

The Company has since been awarded further patent protections

  • BiLock Exclusive -
  • Quick Change Core (QCC) – Removable Core feature, which is now one of the most popular features in the BiLock range.
  • BiLock New Generation - The unique moveable element key.
  • Galaxy – Virtually 3 keys in one.

The Company's patent and patent application portfolio extends internationally and reflects the Company's ongoing commitment to research and development of its products.

The Australian Lock Company is excited to announce a new product range that will be launched in the first half of 2015. This new range will give you all the benefits of extended patent life that will help you win those projects you have in the pipeline requiring a longer life span for your clients.

The new product offers additional locking features to further enhance the existing security level to an even higher state to that of the existing BiLock.  The new features include two (2) coded slides, with the additional coding of the key, this is activated with the twelve (12) tumbler pin coding, thus allowing the stainless steel sidebars to unlock the cylinder.

Another feature is the backward compatibility between the existing BiLock and the new product range, which is achieved with a few minor modifications.

Current New Generation BiLock - Patent expires 2019 (Patent No. 753733)

Current Quick Change Core - Patent expires 2017 (Patent No. 707974)

BiLock Exclusive - Patent expires 2033 (Patent No. 2014203184)

(Includes patent on key and lock)

Bilock Exclusive Quick Change Core - Patent expires 2033 (Patent No. 2013204530)

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