SCEC Endorsement

Through a close association with Security Construction & Equipment Committee (SCEC), the Australian Governments official protective security adviser, BiLock was developed to a stage where the mechanism of Bilock security was endorsed and as such, all cylinders in the BiLock Standard and Quick Change Core ranges are endorsed in the SCEC security categories for key-operated locks.

SCEC is a standing interdepartmental committee responsible for administrative and physical security matters. The Security Construction and Equipment Committee is responsible for evaluation and endorsement of security equipment for use by Australian Commonwealth Departments and Agencies.

The Security Construction & Equipment Committee’s website lists products which meet strict testing requirements and relevant SCEC standards. The purpose is to assist agency security and government accredited technical staff to select appropriate products in support of security installations.

We are proud to produce what is, to our knowledge, the only Australian designed and manufactured lock cylinders to achieve these levels of endorsement.

Through a close association with SCEC, the Australian Government's official protective security adviser, First Generation BiLock was developed to a stage where many products are endorsed in the SCEC security categories for key operated locks.

New Classifications have come into play and as such various products are rated between SL1 to SL3, please see the relevant attachments for more individual rating of the various products that the Australian Lock Company produce, such as BiLock Exclusive, Galaxy and ALCO Stainless Steel Mortice Locks.


SCEC rated lock systems guarantee the highest level of security.

Conventional locks systems will not be SCEC rated.

This Camlock is key-operated, and drill and pick resistant. It is available in chrome plate finish and used for both Class C security containers and secure briefcases.

FA35R199CP Click here to view this product

FA35R199DCP Click here to view this product


SCEC Endorsement Documents:

SCEC Endorsement  BiLock Exclusive 

SCEC Endorsement  ALCO ML5100

SCEC Endorsement  ALCO ML5200

SCEC Endorsement  ALCO ML6200

SCEC Endorsement  ALCO ML7200

DHAR41225 latch

SCEC Endorsement for 95mm

SCEC Endorsement for 127mm

SCEC Endorsement  Galaxy

SCEC Endorsement Padlocks




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