For over 30 years, Australian Lock Company's BiLock product range has been the market leading choice for high security installations. Australian owned, designed and manufactured; the BiLock high security master key system can be found in some of the world’s most critical applications and in all types industrial and commercial premises both large and small.

Each BiLock cylinder can best be described as two locks in one. The distinctive dual-bladed keys are cut on two independent rows of pin tumblers, with each row of pins activating a separate side bar. Providing resistance to picking, impressioning and key duplication; each cylinder can also be fitted with optional hardened streel pins for further anti-drill protection.

BiLock also offers economical on-site servicing by authorised dealers (locksmiths). The ability to change combinations simply and speedily means that lost keys should no longer compromise your security. Your BiLock dealer will maintain and upgrade your key registration records to safeguard the security and integrity of your organisation’s master keying system at all times.


BiLock New Generation

BiLock New Generation offers an additional 13th locking dimension. A locking and lifting pin is built into the cylinder core, and activated by a moving element located within the key. Without this moving element, the 13th dimension cannot be activated, adding yet another feature to BiLock’s already exceptional level of security.

Bilock New Generation Keys

BiLock Quick Change Core (QCC)

BiLock’s Quick Change Core (QCC) provides convenience, flexibility and efficiency by offering a core that can be easily removed and replaced with another, within seconds! Every QCC is identical (with the exception of pinning combinations where requested), which means you can shift the same QCC core between different lock types. This type of re-keying of a lock is like no other system within the Australian market.

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