Australian Lock Company’s (ALC) range of Talon trailer locks provides the ultimate security solution to all your trailer, boat, and caravan needs. Secured with a high security BiLock lock cylinder and key, our Talon trailer locks offers further protection and key control for its user.


Trailer Lock

The original and the best! The Talon Trailer Lock secures your trailer both on and off your stationery vehicle with the simple turn of a key. The lock is fully cast from the toughest 316 grade of stainless steel and features the renowned BiLock high security lock cylinder, with a key system that is both tamper proof and pick resistant. The lock is convenient to use, taking three seconds to install and detach from your trailer. It is rust and corrosion proof and will surely last a lifetime. The Talon Trailer Lock comes in one piece, so there is nothing to lose. It carries comprehensive guarantees of quality and has been approved by motoring authorities across Australia.

*The Trailer Lock MUST NOT be used whilst vehicle is in motion.

Hitch Lock

Secure your towing hitch into the back of your vehicle with the Talon Hitch Lock. The stainless steel pin has a machined groove on the end which is secured in place with the BiLock high security lock cylinder. The dust cap fits over the lock cylinder and an “O” ring inside the cylinder assists in preventing water and dust from entering. Put the Hitch Lock in place and leave it there whilst driving. No more worries!

*Suits: Hayman Reece and Hitch.

4WD Treg Lock

For 4WD enthusiasts, here is the ultimate security package. Simply slip the Treg Lock pin into the coupling and attach the BiLock high security lock cylinder onto the machined end. With a turn of a key, your possessions are secure.

*Suits: Treg, Trigg and Orix off-road couplings.

AT35 All Terrain Coupling

Meeting the ‘Australian Design 62/01’ rule for strength and locking requirements, the AT35 has a new 318 stainless steel pin that resists wear and boasts higher strength than your existing receiver pin. The lock includes a dust cap and “O” ring to seal the BiLock high security lock cylinder from dust and water.

*Suits AT35 coupling locks.

The Talon Product Range

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